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How To Preserve Your Sweet Basil Harvest

Sweet Basil is such a vigorous herb that you'll always have an abundant harvest to share with others.

The nice thing about most of the ideas below is that they make great gifts as well. Just package them nicely in decorated containers or gift boxes and you will delight someone with a little gift from nature.

Purple Splash Basil Vinegar

Definitely one of our favourite basil preservation recipes. Not only because it is a lovely pink, but because the vinegar preserves the flavour of the basil exceptionally as well. We use purple splash in our marinades, salads, stir fries and home-made mustards.

For the bathroom we make it with apple cider vinegar to use as a hair rinse and to add to the bath water. It restores the natural acid mantle of the skin and hair and is exceptionally good for dry, itchy skin - traditional winter skin.

Learn how to make your own herbal vinegar.

Home-made Basil Mustard

Making your own gourmet mustards is a lot easier than you think. And basil makes a mean mustard.

Learn how to make your own herb mustard

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